Monday, July 13, 2015

Can't there be a plan C?

Democrat?  Republican?  Who are the "good guys"?

So, soon we will find ourselves the spectators of a contest to pick a new president.  So far I'm less than impressed with the possibles.

So far, we have Hillary Clinton, or an avowed Socialist for the Democrats (and maybe one other, who is so boring, I don't even know his name).

For the Republicans, we have an enormous field (apparently still growing) of... yawn.  While you won't find any Socialists among them (I don't think anyway, maybe "The Donald" or one of the others might be a closet socialist, who knows?).  What you WILL find is that an awful lot of big government busy-bodies, just as bad as their opposition, just not always in the same ways.  Some of them manage to hide it better than the others.

What we really need is a third choice.  Someone who will stand up for freedom, liberty, and the rights of all Americans.  Both of the established parties pay lip service to this ideal, and both fall far short.

Our imaginary third choice must also be ready to make the hard choices and do the things to stem the flood of money gushing from our Federal Government.  Right now, our Federal Government spends FAR more than it takes in.  If you want to see where that leads, look towards Greece right now.  Yes, yes, I've heard the stupid arguments about Greece not being able to collect taxes, and Greece being unable to print their own money (so that they could somehow buy their way out of debt, as if that would work).  Then there is always the "you just don't know how federal budgeting works on that level" argument.  That, by the way, is an incredibly stupid argument.  If you know something I don't, school me or shut the fuck up.  I do note that I never hear that particular argument from anyone who would know anything.

The thing about it is... Greece has the EU (ahem... Germans... cough) who can afford to bail them out.  If the United States goes down that same hole, there isn't ANYONE big enough to bail US out.  In fact, we would probably be taking much of the rest of the world with us when we go.  It's definitely time for sanity in American economic policy.  Sadly, I don't see that happening.

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