Friday, September 11, 2015

Oh gee... they are doing that thing again...

Lately I've been seeing a few cases of the old meme that "OBummer" (or this morning, the ever more creative "ODildo" which doesn't really work as far as I'm concerned... it's missing the all important "B" that gives the name calling definition), is going to start a race war so that he can declare martial law and cancel the 2016 election.  Presumably to make himself President for Life.

Geesh.. not this crap again.

This same stupid meme comes up every 4 years.  Bush, Clinton, Bush (el primo the first one), Regan....  and on back through time.  You get the picture.  It happens on both sides of the political chasm.

The funny/not-so-funny part of this is that these people actually seem to believe it.

Then, when their stupid prediction (predictably) does not happen, do we get an "Sorry, I was wrong" out of these people?  NO.  C'mon people, this is getting annoying.  If you are going to make an ass of yourself repeating this drek ad-nauseum, you can at least own it when you are proven to be an idiot.

We promise, we won't point and laugh TOO much.

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